How to buy and store BTC

As you learn about bitcoin and blockchain technology, I make buying and storing your coins easy. I act as a wallet and an exchange - letting you buy, sell, and store bitcoins all in one place!

Before you buy your first bitcoin or a fraction of a bitcoin, I'll ask you to create a wallet. A wallet is an application that lets you store, send, and receive bitcoin and other digital currencies.

When you create a wallet, I'll ask you to write down a 12-word backup phrase. This backup phrase lets you retrieve your bitcoins if you lose access to the app. Do NOT give anyone your backup phrase. This way, you'll be the only person who has control over your coins.

An exchange connects buyers and sellers of digital currencies. Whenever you're ready to buy or sell, just let me know. I'll guide you through the easy process.

Whenever you want to check coin prices or other economic indicators, pull down the chat to see your portfolio. There you can look at price graphs by tapping on each coin.

Now that you understand the basics of storing and buying Bitcoin, let’s get back to what it is!

Ben is the easiest way to buy, store, and learn about Bitcoin.

Get started by downloading Ben on your iPhone or Android.

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